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Willet Dairy Now Disbudding Calves at a Younger Age

Posted by Dave Lucas on Thu, Apr 7, 2011

The upstate New York dairy farm at the center of a storm of controversy over animal handling practices was determined by a team of state appointed industry experts to be operating above industry standards. While Willet Dairy exceeds standards for the health and treatment of animals, the farm has now changed some of its animal handling practices, including disbudding at a younger age and using an anesthetic.
Investigations by the New York State Department of Agriculture & Markets, Cayuga County, NY District Attorney’s Office and Finger Lakes Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals found Willet Dairy to be operating above industry standards.

The Department of Agriculture & Markets concluded that the operation "surpassed the industry standards" set by the state "for hygiene, body condition and lameness, indicating a high level of animal care and welfare."

ABC News also reported the story.
How do you feel about Willet Dairy's decision to disbud calves at a younger age?

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